Annie Wimbleton, a resident at EachStep Blackley, this week celebrated her 71st wedding anniversary with a special party in our service.


Annie was joined by  her devoted husband Jim and  their close family for a lavish feast, which was prepared and served exclusively by EachStep’s resident chef, Liz Brinksman. Liz cooked up a two-course meal of smoked haddock and hollandaise and homemade chocolate pots as specially selected by Annie and Jim, which was all washed down with some champagne to mark this very special occasion.


Phil Benson, EachStep’s Deputy Manager, says: “We really wanted to make sure that Annie’s and Jim’s big day was celebrated in style, so I met with their family to discuss how we could do this in EachStep. We pulled out all the stops to ensure that their special meal was an occasion befitting of their incredibly long and happy marriage together.”


He adds, “I’d like to especially thank our chef, Liz Brinksman, and the rest of the catering team, for their tremendous efforts.”


 Annie’s daughter, Janet, says: “The day was made very special by everyone with their warmth and thoughtfulness. I’d like to give a big thank you to all concerned! After a traumatic year, it is only due to the excellent support from EachStep that we have been able to enjoy this special event”.